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Dental Instruments


Rooms are constructed in modulus panels to provide required acoustic environment to conduct various audiological tests. Models could be designed for either individual or multiple occupancy of different sizes and layouts. The construction provides improved noise reduction and sound absorption characteristics.

The entire outer surface of the room is of 18SWG Sheet of CRC to achieve desired insulation of Noise. Interior is acoustic panels of teak wood with world best Kimco Glasswool or equivalent material with perforated hard board to achieve desired reverberations. Total treatment is 2" in thickness and comes in knock-down condition.


Size 3’7” (L) x 3'6" (W) x 6'9" (H) Any other dimensions also could be designed as per requirement.


Size 2'6"(W) x 2'(H),Double glazed, bubble free glass window of variable thickness would be provided. This could have closing and locking mechanism for protection.


Size 2'6" (W) x 6' (H) Acoustically treated & air tightened with compression material superlon

Paint Finish:

Exterior part of the room is painted with good quality Oil Paint & the interior part of the room is painted with the best quality oil bond paint. Colour Choice is available on request.

Electrical :

One number of 12 W - CFL lamp isprovided for illumination to provide Light intensity of 210 Lux at 2'6" working level with 5A switch socket.

Jack Panel:

Completely pre-wired Jack panel is provided below window with three jack plugs.

Erection Procedure:

Entire system could be knocked-down or assembled using simple nut-bolt system.

Noise Reduction Characteristics:

The test report of noise reduction would be provided along with Portable The test report of noise reduction would be provided along with Portable Audiometry room. However noise reduction would be not less than 10dB(A) measured for 1KHz Frequency. Audiometry room. However noise